Being an organization for young adults aged 18-30, a large part of Rotaract's mandate is to provide professional development to members and foster leadership amongst them. We have begun incorporating this into our meetings by including "Speak Outs" and PD Tips & Activities. Speak Outs allow one member each meeting to talk about any topic they wish for up to 5 minutes. The purpose of this is the develop public speaking skills and get people comfortable talking in front of larger crowds. PD Tips &/or activities are brought by a member each week, and can be related to any aspect of career development: networking, resumes, interviews, leadership, etc.

Burlington Rotaract's Guide to Landing The Job!

We have begun to compile a guidebook on a series of topics on getting and keeping the job of your dreams. All material has been contributed by all members of our group from their own experience.

1. The Interview

Coming soon: Guide to the Resume

Past PD Tips & Activities

February 28 - Special Guest Peter McCann: Social Styles (click for a summary handout!)

February 14 - The Marshmallow Challenge (visit our Facebook page for some pictures the activity!)

November 27 - Team Formation & Processes: The C-Suite Exercise (visit our Facebook page for some pictures the activity!)

October 18 - Personality: Meyers-Briggs

August 8 - Occupational Stress

May 16 - A Brief Look at Leadership

May 2 - Networking: Ask questions, but don't be afraid to talk about yourself. Leverage resources like Linked In to expand your network.






Wanted: Guest Speakers
If you are interested in speaking to our group, please send us an e-mail!


Tools & Resources

The world's largest professional networking site. Many members of our Rotaract Club can be found here.

NEW Burlington Rotaract has a group page on LinkedIn. Find us here

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